1. Object and responsibilities
Hänni Farms organizes a silent auction with females, born after 01 June 2017, with the breeds Swiss Fleckvieh, Red Holstein and Holstein. Animals held in partnership, are also in the auction. Sold are only healthy, at least 3 weeks old and well developed animals. Hänni Farms is responsible for the overall coordination and organization. Animals will be lead on request.
2. Place, date, program
From 28.09.2018 18:00 until 30.09.2018 at 16.00h the animals are lined up on the operation of Hänni Farms, Sädelstrasse 25, 3115 Gerzensee, Switzerland, ready to visit and for sale.
3. Veterinary provisions
The entire stock is not subject to veterinary surgeon and restrictive measures. The heard is officially free of tuberculosis, brucellosis, IBR-IPV and leukemia. BVD status of the operation: BVD-free.
4. The auction
Hänni Farms, determines a minimum selling price for each animal. This will be published locally and on the homepage during the auction period.
Provides a buyer that price, the animal is sold in any case. Other buyers are now able to outbid the bid, with increments of at least CHF 100.-. The highest bid per animal on 30/09/2018 at 16.00h wins. There are no additional purchase or sale charges.
Bids can be made stating the full name, name, street, postcode, city, country and phone number as follows:
 - Locally at Hänni Farms, Sädelstrasse 25, 3115 Gerzensee
 - by e-mail to
 - By telephone +41 79 782 14 14
 - Online bids at
           Bids by e-mail and telephone are only valid if the buyer details of Hänni Farms have been reviewed and have been confirmed by e-mail
           to the sender address.
prospective buyers can set an upper price limit for an animal after contacting Hänni Farms. Hänni Farms offers for prospective purchasers to the extent that it remains the highest bidder, but only up to the maximum bid. If the prospective buyer wins the auction for this animal, he pays the achieved auction price, even if it is lower than the maximum bid. For protection buyer the highest bidder may consult on request the list of bidders for the animal after the auction at Hänni Farms. Other bidders agree with the placing of a bid on the respective animal. DC high upper price limits on an animal are excluded.
Hänni Farms accepts only adult buyers. Buyers accept with their signature or the confirmation e-mail the purchase.
If there is a successfull purchase and a high bidder on 30/09/2018 16.00h, benefit and risks of the animal go to the buyer. In this case the buyer accepts the takeover oft he animal and the animal is no longer withdrawn and there are no discounts granted.
The buyer receives an invoice for the / the purchased animals, which he has to pay within 10 days. In consultation with Hänni Farms the payment period may be extended before the end of the auction to 15th of December 2018. From this date, 2% interest will be payable in any case. On foreign buyers, the animals are only exported when the entire amount owed including export costs (deposit) is paid.
The buyer is only with the full receipt the owner of the animal.
5. Transport
The transport of the animals is in the responsibility of the buyer, but must be done in consultation with Hänni Farms. Discharge has to be finished until Monday, October 01, 2018 17:00. For animals that do not go directly from the auction to the buyer, the seller and buyer are bound together to find a solution (this also applies to animals, that go abroad).
6. Insurance
After the auction, the insurance is in the responsibility of the buyer.
7. Guarantees
The seller grants the purchaser the following guarantees: „Healthy and right“ during the statutory period of 9 days. The guarantees begin on the last auction day. The seller is not liable for errors and defects that have arisen after knocking on 30/09/2018 16.00h. Any guarantees are within 9 days orally (Tel. +41 79 782 14 14) and written to address to Hänni Farms, Sädestrasse 25, 3115 Gerzensee.
8. Sales abroad
When animals are sold abroad, the ZS-AG, Chur, does the export processing. The costs are in addition to the buyer. These animals are exported in mutual consultation with Hänni Farms and ZS-AG. To export a deposit is established, which is composed as follows: Lining money CHF 4.- per day, separation, import - export customs, blood samples, vet bills, duties breeding associations, transportation and any other costs. The amount of caution is set depending on the country in consultation with Hänni Farms and ZS-AG.
9. Litigation
To settle disagreements and disputes arbitration is used, whit one representative of each parties and a representative of the High Court of the Canton of Bern as chairman. Schlichtungsort is Bern. The decisions of the tribunal are final.
10. Final Provisions
The catalog and the data contained therein has been prepared in good faith and with the greatest of care possible. However, should it have crept a mistake Hänni Farms does not accepts any liability or recoveries.
In case of conflicts between english and german version, the german version is valid.